Social dance

Our studio can be used by adults to practice social dance or take private lessons if group lessons are not preferred. Social dance creates good mood and offers moderate exercise. For any enquiries regarding new starting groups, please contact

Seltskonnatants Tallinnas

Competitive dance

Children aged 4 and older are welcome to our classes. All children in our classes receive training according to individual training plans. It’s possible to attend classes 1-5 times a week and every family will receive a customized training plan that is suitable for them. Our friendly team will gladly accept those who wish to practice dancing as a hobby as well as those who have athletic ambitions.

Wedding waltz

Wedding is a special occasion for every couple and we will be delighted if we can help you. In individual lessons, we will make an arrangement for the music that the bride and groom choose and we’ll learn it together.



Call us to perform in your event! We have both big and small dancers who have awesome and gripping show programs.


You don’t have a partner? It’s okay, come and learn to dance with our talented coaches.

“Dancing with the Stars” Ingrid Veidenberg & Aleksandr Makarov