Mis on võistlustants ja millistest tantsudest see koosneb?

What is dancesport?

Let’s get to know what is dancesport. Dancesport consists of ten dances. Dances are divided into rhythmical Latin America dances and harmonic Standard Dances.

Latin America dances

Latin America rhythms are intended for fervents. Competitions consist of five dances – Samba, Cha-Cha-Cha, Rhumba, Pasodoble, Jive.

Samba on


First dance in the Latin America routine. Dance, that has almost 20 years of history, that is filled with interesting facts, moments and names… Samba was born in Brazil. Most of the densely populated coastal music has significant impact from Africa, India and Iberia.



Cha-Cha inherited most of its style from its predecessors: Rhumba and Mambo. The name of the dance is most likely derived from spanish “Chacha”, which means ‘babysitter’ or “Chachar”, which means chewing coca tree leaves.

Rumba on emotsionaalne tants


Rhumba is one of the most lyric, emotional and beautiful dances – the dance of love. Due to its slow rhythm, it seems easy – it most definitely is not. This dance has roots from Spain and Africa.

Paso Doble on tants, mis kirjeldab härjavõitlust.

Paso Doble

Paso Doble dance has no better explanation than a story of Spanish bullfight presented in dancing. This dance is actually from South France, even though it depicts Spanish bullfighting sounds, drama and movements.

Jive üks tuntumaid muusikapalasid on Jailhouse Rock.


Jive is the most lively, fast and playful dance in the Latin America routine. Jive is known for many names. Sometimes its called Swing, Jitterburg, Lindy Hop or Charleston, even though these are completely different dances.

Standard Dances

Standard Dances are more suitable to a ballroom. Competitions consist of five Standard Dances – the White Waltz, Tango, Viennese Waltz, Foxtrot, Quickstep.

Dancesport dances are danced competitively.


Probably one of the most playful dances in Standard Dance routine. Quickstep’s rhythm could easily be mistaken as Jive, although correct and classical Quickstep is easily distinguishable.

Foxtrot laval.


Foxtrot aka Slowfox carries the spirit of American aristocracy. It is one of the most technical and “flexible” dances. This dance has so many different steps and characteristics, unlike the other dancesport dances.

Seltskonnatantsu kursused algajatele Tallinnas, Pirital

Viennese Waltz

The Viennese Waltz is usually associated with Johann Strauss “Blue Donau” and that is not far from the truth. Very elegant dance with specific turns.

Tango on kirglik tants


Tango is a dance of passion. Often used in the modern movie industry, this dance is beautiful and exciting to spectate. Tango is the second dance in dancesport routine.

Peotants tähendab ka pidulikku riietust

White Waltz

The White Waltz aka English Waltz is one of five Standard Dances. Traditionally, this is the first dance of all in the routine of dancesport.

Dancers shall be divided into different categories at competitions by age and level. People at all ages, young and old, can compete. If there are no partner, special competitions to girls without partners shall be arranged.

What is dancesport?

Dancesport is competitive ballroom dancing. These events are regulated by specific organizations at national and international level, such as the World DanceSport Federations. If you find this topic interesting and want to try it out, contact us and register for a training lesson.